The wait is over – Harvo Big Sad Out now

I’m super excited to share this track with everyone! I’ve been working on Big Sad for a while now and it’s something I’m very proud of. You can find it by navigating to my Latest Tracks page on the front page of my website. Or you can stream it from my Soundcloud Here! OUT NOW

My latest release ‘Big Sad,’ was born when I was sat in my little uni room feeling a bit sad… I usually start all of my tracks on the piano and just play what I feel, eventually I get to the stage where I want to record something after an hour or so. This track came almost instantly. I played this melody that just perfectly represented how I was feeling and based everything else around this. For me, Big Sad takes me on a journey from low to high to feeling alright to overwhelmed with emotions. The first drop contains a massive texture of sound, with the second bringing a plethora of synths and melodies together all clashing against each other.

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