The Reimagined series by Harvo. I’m very excited to share this news with you all, as it means the return to my roots, the remixing of my own work, to reimagine some of my old favourite projects using the knowledge and experience that I’ve collected over the years. Reimagined will be an ongoing EP, featuring … Read more

Big Sad

Big sad started a whole year ago, and was in fact released by Harvo a few months after that. Big Sad stuck with Harvo though even after the release, it was still Harvo’s party trick to play it on the piano, it always left people feeling sad and weird inside. So a whole year later … Read more


Entry was a project that from the start, was dedicated to explore the limits of what mood could be created using good sound design and mixing. The end result was a track that is powerful and angry. Entry starts off straight away with a thick drum beat and a root note, it then develops over … Read more


Harments Ep2, aptly named after the collaboration between Harvo and artist ‘Toment.’ Ep2 was intended to become a follow up track to the production of the ‘Evolution,’ EP created by Toment and Harvo (Harments). Much like AUS, Ep2 became a personal project and evolved into this progressive film soundtrack piece. It starts up with pads, … Read more

Clean Bandit Symphony Harvo remix

It’s finally here! OUT NOW: Clean Bandit Symphony Harvo remix Hey people!! I’ve just released my remix of Clean Bandit’s Symphony. It felt like the right time to give you all some summery vibes so I’ve spent some time sprucing up this remix that I started 2 years ago! I can’t believe I’ve waited so … Read more


The wait is over – Harvo Big Sad Out now I’m super excited to share this track with everyone! I’ve been working on Big Sad for a while now and it’s something I’m very proud of. You can find it by navigating to my Latest Tracks page on the front page of my website. Or … Read more

New Collaboration: ENTRY

Over the past year I’ve been collaborating with my close friend and fellow artist ‘Toments.’ Together we produced a beautiful EP, with tracks ranging from cinematic orchestral music, to heavy dubstep music. We wanted to blend these two styles in a way that would take you on a journey from high to low, emotionally. The … Read more