Big Sad

Big sad started a whole year ago, and was in fact released by Harvo a few months after that. Big Sad stuck with Harvo though even after the release, it was still Harvo’s party trick to play it on the piano, it always left people feeling sad and weird inside. So a whole year later … Read more


This track’s primary focus is around its chords and melodies. The piano coincides with the tropical plucks to create the feeling that one might get on a sunny day down the beach. The drums are simple and are designed to move the track forward and keep increase it’s energy whilst emphasising the plucks more. It … Read more


Sadting started on the piano as a full song. The entire piano part, minus a few of the piano parts during the drop, was recorded and the rest of the song was built around it. The drums are designed to be prominent but not overwhelming, and they don’t even play much at all in the … Read more


Entry was a project that from the start, was dedicated to explore the limits of what mood could be created using good sound design and mixing. The end result was a track that is powerful and angry. Entry starts off straight away with a thick drum beat and a root note, it then develops over … Read more


Autumn started as a piano melody, as most of Harvo’s tracks do. When it came to the mixing process, strings, drums and synths etc were added. However, the stripped back song with just the melodies sounded so peaceful, it just couldn’t be ruined by overproducing the start of the track. This is why the drums … Read more


Falling started as a melodic dubstep track, consisting of a blend of guitar, piano and characteristics taken from dubstep music in the buildup and the drop. It features the first melodic drop, a collection of chords and synths, then moves quickly onto a second drop. The second drop is more aggressive in nature, containing stabs … Read more


Harments Ep2, aptly named after the collaboration between Harvo and artist ‘Toment.’ Ep2 was intended to become a follow up track to the production of the ‘Evolution,’ EP created by Toment and Harvo (Harments). Much like AUS, Ep2 became a personal project and evolved into this progressive film soundtrack piece. It starts up with pads, … Read more


AUS starts off the track with a collaboration of pad synthesiser and bells to create a spacious and evolving atmosphere it moves forward with the use of drums afterwards and into a climax of strings, pads and eerie melodies. AUS was originally intended to be a part of a 4 track EP in collaboration with … Read more