Big Sad

Big sad started a whole year ago, and was in fact released by Harvo a few months after that. Big Sad stuck with Harvo though even after the release, it was still Harvo’s party trick to play it on the piano, it always left people feeling sad and weird inside. So a whole year later … Read more


Sadting started on the piano as a full song. The entire piano part, minus a few of the piano parts during the drop, was recorded and the rest of the song was built around it. The drums are designed to be prominent but not overwhelming, and they don’t even play much at all in the … Read more


Autumn started as a piano melody, as most of Harvo’s tracks do. When it came to the mixing process, strings, drums and synths etc were added. However, the stripped back song with just the melodies sounded so peaceful, it just couldn’t be ruined by overproducing the start of the track. This is why the drums … Read more