Custom music for your project.

HARVO will produce, mix and master a full track tailored to fit all of your needs. Maybe you need atmosphere for a video game project, suspensive music for a short film project, or a full pop song for you to feature as your own. Get in touch for a quote! HARVO can produce a range of sound design scalable to exactly what you require.


Got the lyrics and the vocals but nothing to back them? Got the melodies and ideas in your head but lack the skills and time to bring it to life? Or maybe you have an idea (some melodies, chords, vocals, etc.) that needs help being fleshed out. HARVO will reimagine and reanimate your track into it’s greatest potential form.

Anything else…

HARVO follows a feedback and rework process to ensure all clients are happy with their finished project. If something needs changing, don’t hesitate to get in touch and HARVO will fix the problem.