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Harvo is a music producer active since 2017. Harvo’s musical arsenal contains production knowledge and experience across a multitude of different genre’s. He brings an eclectic style ranging from big summery tropical hits like “Clean Bandit – Symphony feat. Zara Larsson (Harvo Remix),” to Melodic, pop and Dubstep tracks like “Harvo – Big Sad (reimagined),” and “Harvo – Entry,” to Drum and Bass. Harvo has vowed, his knowledge of modern music production will never stop developing, to ensure the very best result from each new project.

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  • BA(hons) Digital Music Production
  • Real experience delivering fully finished tracks for artists.
  • 7 Years of experience programming and using DAW’s
  • Extensive experience with Logic pro
  • Flexible schedule, attentive and available for advice and discussion
  • Grade 6 Classical Piano. Grade 4 Jazz Piano


Danger Mouse



“Turn that shit off”

Gordon Ramsey

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