New Collaboration: ENTRY


Over the past year I’ve been collaborating with my close friend and fellow artist ‘Toments.’ Together we produced a beautiful EP, with tracks ranging from cinematic orchestral music, to heavy dubstep music. We wanted to blend these two styles in a way that would take you on a journey from high to low, emotionally. The idea behind this EP follows the story of humanity leaving our home planet and searching the stars to find a new home. Together, Toments and I decided the name ‘Harments,’ would be how we referred to ourselves both as collaborators.

We wanted to create an experience for the listener which took them on a journey, starting with a euphoric blend of pads and drop texture, to cinematic orchestral movements. Finishing with Nasty dubstep sound design and liquid drum and bass. We spent a long time contemplating this project, how we’d feel as the story moved on between tracks, and how this should be reflected in the music.[

Enjoy the early release of this Heavy Dubstep track! Exclusive to youtube and this page!





“This is for sure Harvo’s heaviest track, the sound design is just insane bro, well done!”

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