Music Production Services.

Professional Mixing and Production Services: Elevate Your Tracks to Perfection
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7 Years of producing tracks using digital audio workstations. Recieved BA (Hons) in Digital Music Production

  • 15 Years Playing Piano
  • Jazz Piano Grade 4 (Classical Grade 6)
  • Extensive Experience Producing Electronic music with Logic Pro (10+ years)

A Blend of Passion and Expertise
Thousands of Hours & Pounds Invested: My journey in music mixing is not just a profession, it’s a passion. I’ve dedicated thousands of hours and invested heavily in state-of-the-art equipment and software. This commitment isn’t just for my personal growth; it’s to ensure that every track I touch reaches its highest potential.
Cutting-Edge Tools at Your Service
Latest Software Enthusiast: I am constantly updating my toolkit with the latest software in the industry. This enthusiasm for technological advancement means your tracks will benefit from the most modern and efficient mixing techniques available. Experience how these advancements can transform your music.

Why should I master your track? Why Invest in a mix from me? Loudness AND Quality. My roots in production have given me a deep understanding of the delicate balance between quality and loudness. Your tracks deserve a mix that enhances their clarity without compromising their power. Achieving Tonal Balance Loud and Clear: Mixing is an art that brings out the best in a track. For a competitive price, I promise to deliver a mix that accentuates the tonal balance, ensuring your music sounds loud, clear, and at its absolute best.

Special Offer: Mastering ServicesMastering for Just £20 More: If I mix your track, I’m happy to offer mastering services for an additional £20. This is more than just a deal; it’s an opportunity to give your track a complete, professional finish.Elevate Your Music Today: Let’s work together to bring out the true essence of your tracks. With my expertise, passion, and top-tier equipment, your music will not just sound good; it will sound phenomenal. Visit the Services page to find out more.


My production gig specializes in crafting unique melodies and countermelodies that breathe life into your music. As a content creator, you know about the importance of conveying feelings, each melody is meticulously designed to complement and enhance your projects character. If you are an Artist, you know every track stands out with its own distinctive harmony. With my help, your track can leap closer to its full potential! Whether you’re looking to infuse your song with an unforgettable hook or seeking a rich, layered composition, my service promises to deliver melodies that not only resonate with your audience but also define the essence of your musical vision.